Calvary Baptist Church
Monday, January 21, 2019
Moving forward... Growing together!
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Sunday School - Be A Part of Something Special


As I tell you about the classes and leaders, think about where YOU belong. After all, we call them classes  but really we have 7 groups of people that meet together to support and uplift each other every week. They form relationships with each other that go deeper…they listen to one another, pray for each other, talk, laugh and cry and carry each other’s burdens. It’s so much more than a class…it’s plugging in and staying connected with a group of friends.

Maybe you have never been to Sunday School here at Calvary, maybe you used to come but haven’t in a long time, maybe you come every Sunday but haven’t found the right group of people that you fit in with, maybe you know exactly what I am talking about and are excited about what this new year holds.

Whatever it is…we want YOU to be a part of our something special…we want a relationship with you.

Now to introduce our classes for this coming year…to introduce our teachers, I am using the names of some familiar TV shows just for today

The Golden Girls – Donna Freeman

These are our senior adult ladies who are energetic, excited and always doing something to help out around the church and our community.  These ladies are our prayer warriors.

The Untouchables – John Hooper

This is our group of adult men who have weathered many of life’s storms and have come out stronger on the other side. They love to share their stories with one another and are such a blessing to this church.

Happy Days – Jackie Green

This is a mixed adult class enjoying their happy days together – single, married, dating and looking to dig deeper into the scriptures

Friends or Married with Children – Amber Scott and Chris Freeman

This is a class for those whose lives just seems to be busy – whether you are in college, working non-stop, for the newly married and the not so newly married, life with children and pets and in the midst of it all reminding each other that Christ belongs in the center.

The Wonder Years – Isaac Shular and Lauren Ziegler (mentored by Robert and Linda Snowdon)

These are our 6th to 12th graders who have great conversations trying to figure out the world around them and what God has in store for them.

The Borrowers – Sharon Hooper and Roger Cison

These are kids ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. They are just starting out on their journey, listening to Jesus to make great choices in their life.

The Wiggles – Pam Salter and JoAnn Felty

Our 2,3,4,and 5 year old children are made to feel very special as they listen to the stories of Jesus and hear how much He loves each one of them